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Classic Series Pond Fountains

These floating fountains for ponds and lakes are very energy efficient, come with 6 or 12, White or Color Changing LED Lights, and of course we have one for every budget and pond size!!

color changing lights and fountain   Classic Series Fountain 3-tier spray 
2-tier-fountain-spray   Classic Series Fountain Float 

Classic Series Fountain 1 HP

This fountain is suitable for clean and dirty water ponds!!

Each floating fountain includes the following:

  • 1 HP Motor, 8200 GPH, 110 volt, high volume pump, continuous duty, water cooled,  pump with vortex impeller, sturdy asynchronous motor(NO chance for oil leak).

  • Asynchronous motor to handle dirty water ponds.

  • Power consumption 4.5 amps

  • Every fountain includes an intake screen to prevent any debris from being sucked into the pump.

  • 19" black poly float, inserts for light kit, tapered design for low visibility from shore.

  • 75' of power cable, standard with this unit. (Longer lengths available in cart)

  • 4 Nozzle Patterns range from 12 to 18 feet tall by 10 to 26 feet wide( Three Tier, Two Tier, Arch, Bubbler/Aerator).

  • 75' of mooring line.

  • Energy efficient pump assembly helps to keep operating costs at a minimum.

  • Lightweight, easy to assemble.

  • Operates in 2' of water depth.

  • Large sprays, differing per nozzle, ranging from18 feet in height, to 20 feet in width

  • Available with White or Color Changing (Red, Green, Blue) LED Lights.

  • 2 year limited warranty.  (Please read our Return Policy and Warranty Information)

  • Shipping any where in the USA is 55.00

This Floating Pond Fountain is available in the following configurations :

CF8000C6-Pond floating water fountain / 6 color changing LED lights - $765.00

CF8000W6-Pond floating water fountain / 6 all white LED lights - $765.00

CF8000C12-Pond floating water fountain / 12 color changing LED lights - $885.00

CF8000W12-Pond floating water fountain / 12 all white LED lights - $885.00

 Item #


 Tork Mechanical Timer Tork Mechanical Timer

2-Pack Mechanical Timers - $36.00

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