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Scott Aerator DA-20 1/3 HP Display Aerator

Scott Aerator DA-20 1/2 HP Display Aerator

Scott Aerator DA-20 3/4 HP Decorative Aerator

Scott Aerator DA-20 1 HP Decorative Aerator

Scott Aerator DA-20 2 HP Lake Aerator

Scott Aerator DA-20 3 HP Lake Aerator




















Kasco VFX Display Aerator


Kasco Aerating Fountain is the perfect solution when you want to enjoy the aesthetic brilliance of a decorative fountain and balance that with superior oxygenation to improve the health of your pond or lake. Not to be confused with decorative fountains, a Kasco Aerating Fountain is designed and engineered to give you the best of both worlds; aesthetics and oxygenation. Choose from our many sizes of aerating fountains. These units deliver low overall operating costs and are fully self-contained and easily self-installed.

Click here for Eco Series Shallow Depth Aerator   


 Kasco Marine VFX 2400 Pond Aerator 
 Kasco Marine VFX 3400 Pond Aerator 
 Kasco Marine VFX 4400 Pond Aerator 
 Kasco Marine VFX 5.1 Lake Aerator 


These floating units are available from 1/2-5HP in a multitude of power configurations.

  • Self-contained floating units
  • Brilliant V-shaped circular display patterns
  • Outstanding oxygen transfer rates
  • Extremely efficient — low operating costs
  • Durable and corrosion resistant
  • Unique clog-resistant design
Kasco VFX Series Aerating Fountains set the standard by which all aerating fountains are measured. These units deliver both superior oxygenation and aesthetic brilliance, making this a true dual-purpose product. As the leader in pond aeration, our VFX aerating fountains have been designed with our clog-resistant technology to ensure you are buying the most efficient unit on the market. Use our VFX Series in your pond, on the lake, in a landscaped water body, or even in industrial applications to help promote evaporation.

Significant Difference between a fountain and an aerator!

Most lake and pond fountains are designed with a pump, and quite often many companies use a basic sump pump. Many of these are the same less expensive pumps that can be purchased from your local hardware store. They were originally intended to pump out basements or commercial buildings, not to be used in fountains.

Sump pumps simply cannot pump the volume of water necessary to create a lake or pond decorative display aerator. These pumps were not designed to move high volumes of water. They are intended to pump with substantial water pressure so they can pump water far distances through long hoses effectively.

Unlike lake fountains, decorative display lake aerators need to move high volumes of water in order to do a few things:

• Effectively aerate the pond or lake by moving as much water as possible while refreshing stagnant water. (Destratification)

• Impress the landscape or waterscape not only with its visual appearance but also with the tranquil sound of a mountain stream nearby.

• Do all of this in a very efficient manner.

We understand this problem and does not buy pumps of any kind to be used in our fountains. In fact we use heavy duty all stainless steel motors that rotate a high quality propeller. It works very similar to how a boat propeller works. Water never enters the motor and the propeller literally throws an extraordinarily high volume of the water into the air. Therefore there is no pump to clog nor is there any small pipe outlets to obstruct.

While most 1 hp fountains can only "pump" 3,000 to 8,000 gallons per hour, our 1 horsepower decorative display aerator can "THROW" an astounding 30,000 gallons per hour into the air. AND while the other company's 2 hp fountains can only "pump" a mere 5,000 to 10,000 gallons per hour, a 2 horse power decorative display lake  aerator can "THROW" an astounding 34,000 gallons per hour into the air.

WOW! That's a lot of water!

Scott Aerator DA-20 1 HP Lake Aerator 

Specifications Chart for Kasco Marine Display Aerator

Display Aerator
HT (feet)
Width (feet)
Gallons per Hr
2400VFX (115v)
3400VFX (115V)
3400VFX (230V)
4400VFX (230V)
8400VFX (230 V)
2.3VFXr (230V)
5.1VFX (230V)

(Please call for cable lengths longer than 150')

Kasco Marine VFX Series Display Aerator’s Performance (60 Hz) .

*Display Aerator Light Kits*

We are proud to offer a wide range of innovative accessories for your display aerator.  We understand that you may have special application needs.  Our accessories will give you an easy solution to those needs. 

Optional Lighting Kits:

We offer white or color changing LED Lights and are much more brilliant than halogen. LED lights are very energy efficient. We have 2 different lighting kits to maximize the appearance of your  floating lake display aerator.  All kits come standard with power cord and photocell/timer. The 3-Light kits are most commonly used with our 1/2and 3/4 hp models. This is an effective way to illuminate the display aerator when you have a low budget. The 6-Light kit is used when you need an intense lighting effect for your display aerator. The color changing lights are very bright. You'll be blown away!!

3 Bright White LED Light Kit>
			    <div align= 

Large Stainless LED Light Kit

These Light kits are available in Bright White or Warm White LED's - 3-Light Kit - $495.00 / 6-Light Kit - $695.00



Color Changing light kit with Remote Control for floating pond aerating fountainRemote Control for Color Changing light kitSingle color changing LED Light 

Color Changing LED Lights with Remote Control

Color Changing LED light Kit w/remote controller (8 single colors or a series of flashing or changing modes) *Max Cable length is 100' Cable available with this light kit* 3-Light Kit - $595.00 / 6-Light Kit $995.00






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