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Fountain Sprays and Fountain Nozzles

Fountain nozzle sprays create beautiful visual effects for ponds and water gardens of all sizes. Our Finishing Touch fountain heads also add soothing sounds while providing a valuable aeration function for healthy ponds. The performance of all fountain spray heads is directly affected by the gph pumped through the fountain nozzle head. For a higher and wider spray pattern in your pond, a higher gph pump is required.

ring jet fountain spray

17" Ring Jet Spray

Only 39.95


4-Pattern Nozzle Kit - for Large Ponds - 2 sizes available 1 1/2" Threaded and 1 1/4" Threaded

Only 59.95 (please indicate size on order form)


waterbell fountain nozzle head

Water Bell Nozzle Spray

Fits 1/2" male thread


 1-tier fountain nozzle head

1-Tier Nozzle Spray w/Extension

Fits 1/2" male thread


Water Lily Nozzle Spray

Fits 1/2" male thread


2-Tier Nozzle Spray w/Extension

Fits 1/2" male thread


Foam Jet Nozzle Spray

Fits 1/2" male thread


3-Tier Nozzle Spray w/Extension

Fits 1/2" male thread


Mini Fountain Nozzle Kit

Includes: Water Lily, Water Bell
adapter extension and spray.
Use with 170 gph pump or smaller.

For use with 1/2" m slip or smaller.

Large Fountain Nozzle Kit

Includes: Lg. Water Lily, Lg. Water Bell
extension tube, diverter valve, couplers
3-tier spray fountain head .

For use with 1/2" or 3/4" threaded connection.


Fountain Head Spray Nozzles:

            The most popular use for a pump is to power a fountain, and there are more choices in fountain spray patterns than ever before – one for just about any garden style. A fountain head – also called a spray head – is usually sold separately from the pump (although some pumps include them). When choosing a fountain head, first consider the height and width of its spray pattern, although you can often adjust both with a valve on the pump. Second, choose the style that fits the appearance of you water feature. A bubbler, for example, looks natural in a small, informal water garden tucked into a perennial border or among shrubs, a mushroom or bell is striking in a circular formal pool. And a rotating jet adds dazzle to a starkly modern installation. Fountains, especially geysers or bubblers, also aerate the water for fish – an added benefit. However, you may have to consider the needs of plants. Many, including water lilies, don’t like water on their leaves and prefer an undisturbed surface. Fountains with delicate or tall sprays need some shelter; strong winds distort the pattern, increase evaporation, and deplete the pool.



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