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Pond Skimmers

Big Bahama Pond Skimmers and FilterFalls feature ultra-rugged 400 mil polyethylene construction. Heavy-duty components stand up to years of use. Bio-Tech filtration mats, brush panels, and media offer the ultimate in mechanical and biological water cleaning. Big Bahama Pond Skimmers offer Super Flow weir doors with Gatekeeper brushes to afford maximum surface cleaning while restricting fish from entering the pond skimmer. 2" or 3" bulkheads provide maximum flow capacity.

Atlantic Water Gardens - Pond Skimmers

Atlantic Advantages:

  • Rigid skimmer basket makes cleaning easy - just empty and rinse with a hose.

  • unique weir design improve skimming action and prevents fish from entering skimmer enclosure.

    skimmer enclosure house and hides the pump.

    extra wide basket and filter mat means less maintenance.

    cross flow design makes pump access and removal easy.

  • prefilters water and protects against pump clog-ups and loss of water flow.

  • includes: basket, filter mat, lid, silicon

  • enclosure is ruggedly built from high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) and warranted for life

Big Bahama Pond Skimmer- PS4600

Size:19"L x 17"W x 19"H

Weir size: 6" opening

Max pond area: 350 sq. ft.

Pump range: 3800 gph


Big Bahama Pond Skimmer- PS4900

Size:19"L x 17"W x 19"H

Weir size: 9 " opening

Max pond area: 500 sq. ft.

Pump range: 5500 gph


Big Bahama Pond Skimmer- PS7000

Size:19"L x 25 "W x 19"H

Weir size: 9" opening

Max pond area: 700 sq. ft.

Pump range: 7500 gph


Big Bahama SPond kimmer- PS9500

Size:23"L x 25 "W x 21 "H

Weir size: 14 " opening

Max pond area: 800 sq. ft.

Pump range: 10,000 gph


Big Bahama Pond Skimmer- PS14000

Size:23"L x 25 "W x 21 "H

Weir size: 14 " opening

Max pond area: 1100 sq. ft.

Pump range: 14,000 gph



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