Poly basins and covers for all sump, sewage and grinder applications at great discounts!

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 Poly Sump and Sewage Grinder Basins with Non-Corrosive Polyethylene Construction!!

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Basins for Sewage and Sump

  Poly Pro Series Basin

Poly Pro Series Basins

Item Number:AKP38000

These basins are designed for use in conjunction with any of our sewage or grinder pumps.  Float and junction boxes are sold separately. A leg kit must be used with the grinder for hard pipe configurations for pump support. NOTE: If manual grinder is used with these basins, a junction box float switch kit must be used.




Basin Cover Kit



18 in. Sewage Basin Tank Cover Kit

Featuring easy installation, the  18 in. Sewage Basin Tank Cover Kit conveniently includes the seal and hardware needed to provide a secure closure between the lid and the basin (basin not included). This lid is designed for easy maintenance.

  • Provides a secure closure on 18 in. diameter sewage basins
  • Easy-to-maintain design
  • Includes discharge, vent, inlet and cord grommets
  • Includes mounting hardware and the seal used between the lid and the basin for easy installation



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