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Pond Fountain Aeration Tips:

Without the use of a pond fountain aerator your pond will become stagnant and smelly not to mention the algae buildup and the stress your fish will go through.

Oxygen enters the pond by diffusing into the water from the atmosphere. Submerged aquatic plants also produce oxygen during the day, But this is not enough, especially in the hot summer months when the water is warmer. Decomposing fish waste and algae along with the normal respiration of aquatic life, use up the oxygen faster than it can diffuse back into the water.

Your Pond requires aeration 24 hour a day. The warmer the water is, the less oxygen it can hold and you could loose your fish overnight.

Waterfalls and fountains help supplement an air pump system, but should not be the sole source of pond aeration. We strongly suggest you use an Air Pump and Air Stones  to achieve total pond aeration from the bottom to the top regardless of depth.

In areas where there are harsh winters, use a floating fountain pond aerator in addition to Pond Deicer that keeps a small area from freezing. This open area allows the naturally occurring gasses to escape and adds oxygen to the water.  Dormant fish still need oxygen under the ice.

So, if your fish are at the surface of the water and look like they are gasping for air, they probably are. Add a floating fountain pond aerator and keep your pond clean.

A floating fountain pond aerator provides the perfect solution for improving water quality in Koi ponds, water gardens and lakes. It adds oxygen at the bottom of your lake or pond important for algae control.

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